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First Aid updates


RIDDOR  - The notification for reporting these injuries has changed from 3 Days to 7. Not including the day of incapacitation.

Incapatitation - Unable to perform work placed duties which staff would be reasonably be expected to perform within their role of employment.


New First Aid Kit - BS8599 - This is now available with any good retailer, we recommend :


Changes to practical First Aid as of November 2010


When asking for help, a defibrillator (AED) should also be requested.


Compression depth is now 5-6cm and not 4-5cm


Compression rates are now 100-120 and not 100 BPM


Do not stop to check the casualty unless they are showing signs of consciousness, such as coughing, opening eyes, speaking, moving purposely AND breathing normally.


Teaching has to include compressions only as a technique




We like to show full impartiality and give links to the HSE so you can trust that the information that we are providing is correct and up to date.


Latest News with First Aid - HSE

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